Take Your Top Off !

KxStand is the safest place for your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop! Save $50

Fits Jeep Wrangler
As well as standard length Jeeps.

     Welcome to KxStand.com!

   • Do you dread the agonizing task of removing, replacing, and storing your hard top each season?

   • Does your hard top take up too much space in your place?

   • Tired of seasonal cleaning, and waves of spiders hatching every time you turn on your heat?

   • Don’t you love scraping and scratching your $1,800 hard top each time you move it?

   We know how you feel...
Sometimes is seems like it’s almost not worth it.....nah! Don’t be afraid to take your top off... KxStand is what you’ve been waiting for!


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